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Customisable employment screening services are essential to mitigate hiring risks our experienced team can work with you and suggest the most appropriate screening package to help you make a informed decision

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Leadership screening conducts in-depth research for your senior executives to uncover hidden information which can impact your business.

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  1. Education Check – Ensure that the candidate has not made any false claims pertaining to their academic achievements and educational qualifications.

  2. Identity Check - Validate the identity of the candidate by checking their Pan Card, Passport, Ration Card, Voter ID etc.

  3. Court Record Check – As all serious offences and crimes are filed in respective courts, with the help of law firms/ independent lawyers and as per the requirement of the customer, we undertake to check respective courts relating to any judgement/pending cases of a candidate. We validate that no legal case whatsoever has been filed against the candidate with the High Court, District Court or Sessions court.

  4. Drug Test – Conduct a drug test on the candidate and ensure that they do not consume amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, morphine, marijuana, opiates, etc.

  5. Address Check – Confirm that the residential address provided by the candidate is correct.

  6. Employment Check – Verify the details provided by the candidate with regards to their previous employment, tenure, designation, CTC and nature of exit.

  7. Resume Check – Ensure that the particulars mentioned in the candidate’s resume are true and do not contain any discrepancies.

  8. Database Check – Ensure that the candidate does not feature in any public/proprietary database of negative profiles.

  9. Criminal Record Check – A criminal background check of an individual is a check that delves into the criminal details, if any, of an individual’s past. Organisations conduct criminal background checks to reduce legal liability for negligent hiring and to ensure a safe work environment for employees. It is done to verify that the candidate is free of any criminal record/proceedings against them.

  10. Credit Check – Confirm that the candidate has a clean credit report.

  11. Fingerprint Test – Conduct a fingerprint test to verify that the candidate’s fingerprints confirm all the relevant information about them, which includes their name, birth, address, employment, etc.